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Available Health Plans - Health plans sold through Covered California are available in four tiers: There are four tier levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. The Bronze plan has the highest out of pocket expense, but has the lowest monthly premium. Choosing a higher level plans decreases your out-of-pocket expenses; however, you will be required to pay a higher monthly premium for these plans.  Keep in mind, when you need healthcare you will pay much less for these services as you move up to the tiers.

Minimum Coverage Plans: This plan is only available to individuals under the age of 30.

There are no out-of-pocket charge for your first three visits each year when you see a doctor or if you need urgent care; it also includes peventative care at no additional cost. However, this is a catastrophic plan. This means that your health insurance is mainly used for worst case situations. You would be required to pay a yearly deductible of $6,350. Once you have met your deductible your plan would pay 100% of your healthcare costs. 

  • Bronze Plan: This is the lowest level Plan. You would be required to pay approximately 40% of your medical expenses if you purchase this plan.

  • Silver Plan: If you purchase this plan you will be required to pay approximately 30% of your medical expenses. Some individuals may qualify for an enhanced Silver Plan based on their income. The lower your income the lower your out-of-pocket expense will be.  The enhanced Silver Plan can be similar to the Gold or Platinum plans. The benefit to the enhanced plan is lower out-of-pocket cost to the individual. These plans can pay up to 73%, 87% or as high as 94% of your total medical expenses.     

  • Gold Plan: With this plan will you will be required to pay approximately 20% of your medical expenses.

  • Platinum Plan:  With this plan will you will be required to pay approximately 10% of your medical expenses.
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